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Ranuradora de ruedas dentadas LORENZ LS 152 CNC
Stock no. 1049-155609

Ranuradora de ruedas dentadas




LS 152 CNC

Año 1985
Estado Utilizó las máquinas
Controle CNC
Lugar de almacenamiento Metzingen  
País de origen Germany 
Plazo de entrega immediately
Cita ex Warehouse
Más información

Technische Details
max. wheel diameter 150 mm
gear width 42 mm
max. module 5
total power requirement 25 kW

External gears, max. Ø 150 mm
Gear width, max. 16 mm
Module, max. 3
Internal gears, max. Ø 60 + cutter Ø mm
Internal gears, max. workpiece Ø, approx. 280 mm

Length of stroke 0 - 20 mm
Adjustment of stroke 0 - 70 mm
No. of double strokes per minute, approx.
1030 / 1150 / 1300 / 1450 / 1630 / 1830 / 2040

Table size 250 mm
Table bore 100 mm
Distance between table and shaper head, approx. 175 mm

Total electrical load, approx. 15 kW - 380 V - 50 Hz
Weight 6,500 kg

Accessories / Special Features
* Column is tilted to the right for relief work by inclined raiser plate 5° 51´51".
* SIEMENS Memory Programmable Control, Model S5, with fault diagnosis.
* All feeds can be numerically set with counters.
* Counter mechanism for 1st and 2nd roughing cycles, followed be finishing cycle, with relevant feed amounts and number of strokes.
* Workpiece counter which switches off machine after a preset number of workpieces so tool can be changed.
* Currently equipped with rotary workpiece loading device.
* Hydraulic workpiece clamping device with hydraulic counter bracket.
* Switch cabinet. * Hydraulic unit. * Coolant feed. * Fully covered working area.
* Loading device can be easily removed if not required
* We can deliver, for an extra charge, A FELSOMAT CNC Controlled Swivel-Arm Robot for loading and unloading blanks/finished parts into/out of the rotary loading device.


Foto 1 LORENZ LS 152 CNC
Foto 2 LORENZ LS 152 CNC
Foto 1 LORENZ LS 152 CNC
Foto 2 LORENZ LS 152 CNC

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LORENZ: Ranuradora De Ruedas dentadas Ranuradora De Ruedas dentadas LORENZ LS 152 CNC