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Used Machine Traders are more than just salespeople

Today there is a worldwide network of used machine traders who specialize in the trade of specialized machinery equipment and accessories. They use their worldwide contacts to assist in a specialized search for each client. Their specialized knowledge of various industry information and contacts worldwide are necessary to the business. The globalization of industry in general - and thereby the competition among various sales consultants - has made such advantages a serious necessity.

Organizations and Associations of Used Machine Traders

In order to make the important collaboration between the used machine trader and customer possible several different professional organizations have been established over the years. For example the European Organization of Traders of Used Machines was founded in 1940 in Great Britain in the interest of its members. The Professional Association of German Technical Machines and Mechanical Tools was established in the 1980s as an organization specific to the needs of used machinery in the metals industry. The main goal of such organizations is the care and protection of the industry-wide image. Customer service also plays a huge role in such organizations.

Traders must be able to do more than just sell

In order to provide for constant market growth used machine traders must be able to provide outstanding customer service and a serious attitude toward their work. Many traders industry-wide offer special advantages to their customers such as demonstration days included transportation of newly-purchased used machines and the electrical work that can sometimes accompany acquiring a new machine.

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