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Máquinas de inyección verticales ENGEL INSERT 750V/160 single
Stock no. 1063-3252

Máquinas de inyección verticales




INSERT 750V/160 single

Año 2010
Estado Utilizó las máquinas
control CNC CC 200 A01
Lugar de almacenamiento beim Verarbeiter in der Produktion 
País de origen Austria 
Plazo de entrega prompt
Cita FCA (D-29614 Soltau) ICC Incot
Más información

Technische Details
screw size 50 mm
injection shot weight in polystyrene 354 g/PS
clamping force 1.600 kN
***** injection unit *****
injection unit vertical
for processing thermoplastics
screw size 50 mm
max. swept volume 393 cm³
injection shot weight in polystyrene 354 g/PS
spec. injection pressure increased 1.909 bar
srew and barrel L/D 20
srew wear resistant S10
cylinder in bi-metall M9
regulated traverse cooling
heating capacity 15,3 kW
without material hopper
***** Clamping unit *****
mould clamping mechanism vertical from above
clamping force 1.600 kN
opening stroke 450 mm
mould height min. 470 mm
daylight between platens - max. 920 mm
mold fixing platen size h x v movable platen 850 x 1.410 mm
mold fixing platen size h x v fixed platen 850 x 460 mm
ejector force 35 kN
ejector stroke 100 mm
cascade control unit - hydraulic 1-fach
Mould safty mechanism mechanical
safety guard in special execution
***** Control *****
control CC 200 A01
sreen coloured TFT-Touch-Sreen
screen text deutsch/ englisch
Compact-Flash for data storage
Programm PD-Grafic
access authorization via keycard
program PD - record
program Mikrograph + Mikroplast
program cycle sequence free programmable
ecograph - energy analysis of the imm
charge amplifier Kistler
***** Electric *****
supply voltage 3x380V+N+PE / 60 Hz
Electrical equipment for USA and Canada
connected load 128 kW
rated current 48 A
electrical connection 2-pin 230V/ 10A 2 Stck/ pieces
electrical connection 400V / 16A 9 Stck/ pieces
EUROMAP interface for robots EM 67
Control circuit for mold heater 8 Stck/ pieces
interface potential contact 4 x digin, 4 x digout Stck/ pieces
interface for heating unit 20 MA-CL
interface potential contact Stck/ piec
interface ejector safety device
***** hydraulics *****
variable delivery pump pressure+volume regulation HV2
for parallel motion sequences
servo-valve for injection speed, holding pressure
connections for extern filter station
hydraulic corepull on moving platen 1 Stck/piece
hydraulic corepull on stationary platen 2 Stck/piece
shutt-off-valve for core pull 3 St./piece
pressure release for core pull 2 St./piece
***** General *****
quality ANSI/SPI 151.1-1997
machine without oil filling
Machine supplied without hydraulic oil
painting 7012 + 7035 + 9011 RAL
oil tank volume 275 + 56 l
operating hours 8.502 h
machine support pads 1 Satz / Set
pump drive power 30 kW
total weigt 13.900 kg
injection unit - weight 1.200 kg
clamping unit - weight 12.700 kg
dimension L x W x H 2,56 x 2,64 x 4,20 m
Condition : functionality tested
Techn. Data : according to the data sheet

Vertical clamping unit, closing from the bottom.

Vertical injection unit

The machine is constructed according to the safety standard SPI for North
America and Canada. Operation within the European Union is not allowed.


Foto 1 ENGEL INSERT 750V / 160 sola
Foto 2 ENGEL INSERT 750V / 160 sola
Foto 1 ENGEL INSERT 750V / 160 sola
Foto 2 ENGEL INSERT 750V / 160 sola
Foto 1 ENGEL INSERT 750V / 160 sola
Foto 2 ENGEL INSERT 750V / 160 sola

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ENGEL: Máquinas de Inyección verticales Máquinas de inyección verticales ANGEL INSERT 750V / 160 single