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Máquinas de inyección de más de 5000KN ENGEL DUO 3550/600
Stock no. 1063-80610

Máquinas de inyección de más de 5000KN




DUO 3550/600

Año 2016
Estado Utilizó las máquinas
Controle CNC CC 300
Lugar de almacenamiento ENGEL Austria  
País de origen Austria 
Plazo de entrega November 2016
Cita FCA (D-29614 Soltau) ICC Incot
Más información

Technische Details
screw size 80 mm
injection shot weight in polystyrene 1764 g/PS
clamping force 6.000 kN
***** injection unit *****
for processing thermoplastics
screw size 80 mm
max. swept volume 1.960 cm³
injection shot weight in polystyrene 1.764 g/PS
spec. injection pressure increased 2.025 bar
srew and barrel L/D 22
srew wear resistant S 6
cylinder in bi-metall M 3
regulated traverse cooling
heating capacity 45 kW
without material hopper
***** Clamping unit *****
hydromechanical 2-platen design
clamping force 6.000 kN
opening stroke 1.350 mm
mould height min. 400 mm
mould height max. 950 mm
daylight between platens - max. 1.750 mm
Total daylight max. 1.420 x 1.370 mm
distance between tie-bars h x v 1.030 x 910 mm
Drop out chute width 1.000 mm
ejector force 95 kN
ejector stroke 250 mm
dry cycling performance 2,9 s
***** Control *****
control CC 300
sreen coloured 21,5"-Full-HD
USB memory for data storage
screen text deutsch / englisch
program Mikrograph + Mikroplast
program PD - record
acces authorization via keycard
MINI-CAM assistance for process parameter
ecograph - energy analysis of the imm
***** Electric *****
supply voltage 3x400 V+N+PE / 50 HZ
connected load 190 kW
rated current 300 A
heating circuit for mould heating 8 Stck
electrical connection 2-pin 230 V / 16 A 2 Stck/ pieces
electrical connection 3-phases / 16 A 2 Stck/ pieces
interface for masterbatch device 1 Stck/ piece
interface ejector safety device 1 Stck/ piece
***** hydraulics *****
Power unit ECODRIVE with high dynamic servo pump SHV2
hydraulic corepull on moving platen Stck/piece
hydraulic corepull on stationary platen 2 Stck/piece
***** MOLD COOLING *****
Water flow control manifold 0-10 l/min, 8 Kreise / circle
magnetic air valve 2/2-Wege, R 1/4 Zoll 1 Stck/ piece
***** General ***** 2
machine without oil filling
painting ENGEL grün
machine support pads
oil tank volume 1.000 l
operating hours ca. 100 h
pump drive power 55 kW
injection unit - weight 10.000 kg
clamping unit - weight 17.000 kg
dimension L x W x H 8,2 x 2,5 x 2,5 m
Condition : new / unused
Techn. Data : according to the data sheet
machine only available for rental

Comprehensive range with eleven sizes from ENGEL duo 600 pico to ENGEL duo 5500

- minimum footprint thanks to two-platen, compact clamping unit
- Cycle time reduction made possible by two diagonally positioned high-speed
cylinders featuring fast locking - split nuts and rapid pressure build up time
- High-level of operating safety and excellent part quality thanks to stable
platen control, precise platen parallelism, and sensitive mould protection
- Power-saving drive units, two-platen clamping units with optimized design
and improved performance are the - special features that characterise the
third generation models.


Foto 1 ENGEL DUO 3550 / 600

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ENGEL: Máquinas de Inyección de Mas de 5000KN Máquinas de inyección de Más De 5000KN ENGEL DUO 3550 / 600