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Prensa de bastidor SCHAFBERGER + SPROEDHUBER Bavaria Typ 2000 L
Stock no. 1305-5994

Prensa de bastidor




Bavaria Typ 2000 L

Estado Utilizó las máquinas
control konventionell
Lugar de almacenamiento ab Werk  
País de origen Germany 
Plazo de entrega after arrangement
Cita ex work
Más información

Technische Details
working dimensions 4000,2500 mm
Horizontal cylinders 3 St.
vertical cylinders 3 St.

S + S Bavaria Type 2000 L

with automatic pressing cycle + hand control

CE version

The powerful press with Piff ! A new Press- principle.
Basic machine in the strongest welded frame construction ,
Special thick-walled hollow sections , guideways for
The beam and sliding table in abrasion- poor , broad- planed
Fast, smooth width adjustment with ball bearing
Carriage , fixation in 50 mm increments (or motor ) .

Height dimension adjustment and simultaneous pressure by long stroke
in one working cycle . Condensed press corners , so no
Adjusts the horizontal pressure cylinders necessary.

Width adjustment by hand on breadboard .

Abutment down to 3 positions to the respective budget
Loading height adjustable.

Hydraulic supply system , complete with variable
Pressure setting 0-120 bar and manometer .

Control via push button with separate control circuits for
the vertical and horizontal pressing cylinders .

2 Vertical press cylinder , double acting 1000 ( 1200) mm stroke
Pressure force per cylinder 2000 kg
2 Horizontal press cylinder , double acting 80 mm stroke
Abutment pressure plate depth 90 mm
Three-phase motor 3 KW, 400 V, 50 Hz

Working size : 4000 x 2500 mm (length x height)

1 medium pressure bar complete with pressure cylinder ,
Pressure hose and shut-off valve to 2500 mm high

1 single pressure control for medium pressure bar
( For crimping cross mullioned windows )

1 Cross- pressure unit complete with pressure cylinder and abutment , infinitely
adjustable pressure hose and Absperventil

1 single pressure control for cross- pressure device
( For crimping cross mullioned windows )

1 shut-off valve on 3 vertical cylinder

1 shut-off valve at the upper horizontal cylinder

3 pendant plates attachable to press up to 60 degrees

2 extension for swing plate for Spitz window (triangle)

All printing plates and abutments with plastic occupied.

Finish: RAL 7035 light gray RAL 5018 turquoise blue

(technical details according to manufacturer - without guarantee ! )


Foto 1 OVEJAS + tipo Sprödhuber Baviera 2000 L
Foto 2 OVEJAS + tipo Sprödhuber Baviera 2000 L
Foto 1 OVEJAS + tipo Sprödhuber Baviera 2000 L
Foto 2 OVEJAS + tipo Sprödhuber Baviera 2000 L

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OVEJAS + Sprödhuber: Prensa de bastidor Prensa de bastidor OVEJAS + Sprödhuber Baviera Tipo L 2000