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Estación de montaje RUCHSER Holzfenster-Fertigung Montage
Stock no. 1305-5599

Estación de montaje




Holzfenster-Fertigung Montage

Año neu
Estado Nueva máquina
control konventionell
Lugar de almacenamiento ab Werk 
País de origen Germany 
Plazo de entrega after arrangement
Cita ex work
Más información

Technische Details
Dimensions (L,W) -
Weight -
tiltable yes/no -

In addition to standing a PDF document, see the description of positions -
Prices on request!

RUCHSER standard offer with layout for
a wooden window production with being milled
Glass bar and screwed corner joints.

Daily capacity approximately 15 Window

Manufacturing consisting of:

Item 1.0 - Item 107 850 000
RU-PWD-H1600/130/4 profile carriage double-sided
************************************************** ****
Length 1600 mm, width 850 mm, height 2140 mm
for horizontal position round and transport of
Profile sections.
12 support arms each column welded to
the column, 2 adjustable center column,
clear spacing of the support arms 130 mm,
Depth of the support arms on each side 400 mm,
Support arms covered with felt, with 4 plastic
swivel castors, diameter 150 mm, of which
2 with stop means.

Item 2.0 - Item 0150001
RU-M rotation - tilting table
manually tiltable bearing surface 1300 x 1400 mm,
with 4 plug extension 1000 mm long,
including tool tray without weatherboard-

Item 2.1 - Item 5009-1
2 trays with 2 drawers
(for RU-4, RU-2/4)

Item 2.2 - Item 5062-1
Extract left and right
500 mm and up to 7000 mm
folded down with one support leg

Item 2.2 - Item 5012-1
Hinged extension tubes
Length 700 mm (max. 3 pairs)

Item 2.4 - Item 6125-2
Corner mounting fixture
AoE attacks rectangular pneumatic
lowered with clamping unit for 2 profiles
mounted on RU-M

Item 2.5 - Item 2069-1
instead of manually, pneumatically operated

Item 3.0 - Article 10.782 million
RU-EW-2S two-sided vehicles in stock
Storage capacity max. 36 piece sash
L - shaped screw, length 1200 mm,
Depth 800 mm, height 2200 mm, edition of Holme
felted, 4 swivel castors, 2 with brakes

Item 4.0 - Item 6600000
RU-KWI-1000 Commission cart
unladen be nested,
Length 1120 mm, width 1100 mm, working width
850 mm, height 1900 mm,
Plant height 1500 mm, bearing capacity 750 kg
mobile on 4 plastic castors,
Diameter 150 mm, 2 with
Stop device, 2 drawers on the left and right
each 350 mm in length, max. 1800 mm and
Height max. 2100 mm

Item 5.0 - Item 740-300
RU-DH-F2 double reel cart for 2 rolls
to roll size 620 x 350 mm (without coil)
to roll size 800 x 350 mm (with coil)
with 4 swivel castors, 2 with stop device

Item 5.0a alternative to Item 5.0 - Item 744-200
RU-DH-F4, double coiler car for 4 wheels
************************************************** *****
to roll size 620 x 350 mm (without coil)
to roll size 800 x 350 mm (with coil)
with 4 swivel castors, 2 with stop device

Item 6.0 - Article 7.36 million
RU-BW-1200-fog Cart
with 16 divisions, length 1200 mm,
Width 700 mm, height 1100 mm,
with 2 shelves, mobile on 4
Plastic castors with a
Diameter of 125 mm,
2 with stopper

Item 7.0 - Article 10.0092 million
RU-FMOG / K wing mounting rotary tilting table
************************************************** *
for wings with attached bar and milled glass
Bolt on corner joint.
Rotary-tilting table with pneumatic tilting device
and 6 piece sliding vacuum suction cups.
Adjustment range in width from 450-900 mm,
in the amount of 320-1600 mm.
Telescopic rods for the vacuum suction to
80 mm extended with felt, for supporting
of the profiles, roller conveyor with lifting device.
When tilted from the horizontal to the
vertical position lowers the roller conveyor
automatically from the profile thickness. After the
Releasing the vacuum suction moves the roller conveyor
back to the basic position. PVC rolls,
Roll length 100 mm, roller pitch 150 mm,
Vacuum generation by Venturi

Item 8.0 - Item 10472002
RU-TFW-800/90 wing and door specialist cars
************************************************** **
10 compartments, compartment distance 90 mm, with half
Compartment separator, part of the plant covered with felt, erecting
surface with PVC rollers
Shelf depth 800 mm, compartment height 2450 mm,
Height 2750 mm, width 1350 mm.
Mobile on 4 plastic castors,
Diameter 150 mm, 2 with brake facility.

Brake means for holding the elements in the
Transport. About an eccentric, the elements are
raised on one side.

Item 8.1 - Item 6559
guide rollers
1 pair

Item 8.2 - Item 6340
1 guide rail 2500 mm long

Item 9.0 - Item 0.98 million
RU-SW1-90 ° vertical work table
for weather protection leg Fri 03:05:10
10 mm offset.
Wooden windows with turning device for
Glazing and double-sided sealing,
Angle length 1500 mm, opening angle
90 ° max., Working width 2500 mm,
Overall length 1700 mm, overall width
700 mm, height 1600 mm plant, plant-
surface with felt the side of the plant part
on the insertion side a role as
Edge protection for elements up to 2500 mm
Height, pneumatic lifting device
von 300 - 1000 mm

Item 10.0 - Article 10,799,001
RU-FLG 280/9 flood and painting hangers
for the color treatment of the wing and
Frame profiles, horizontal positioning
or inclined approximately 30 °. 9 pairs of arbors
100 mm long, at an angle of 45 ° spacing
the spikes in height 180 mm, distance
in width 280 mm, hole spacing for the
Holes on the frame profile 320 mm,
Diameter 12 mm, height 2200 mm,
as a function of the suspension hooks
adapted to the existing monorail

Total price of this placement: Place order!

(technical details according to manufacturer - without guarantee!)


Montaje de fabricación de ventanas de madera Photo 1 RUCHSER
Montaje de fabricación de ventanas de madera Photo 2 RUCHSER
Montaje de fabricación de ventanas de madera Photo 1 RUCHSER
Montaje de fabricación de ventanas de madera Photo 2 RUCHSER
Montaje de fabricación de ventanas de madera Photo 1 RUCHSER
Montaje de fabricación de ventanas de madera Photo 2 RUCHSER

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