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Torno vertical - doble soporte FKD 50 CNC
Stock no. 1022-H07210

Torno vertical - doble soporte




50 CNC

Año Neu/new
Estado Utilizó las máquinas
control CNC Siemens 840D-sl
Lugar de almacenamiento Österreich 
País de origen Dänemark 
Plazo de entrega approx. 4 month
Cita ex site
Más información

Technische Details
faceplate diameter 4500 mm
swing diameter 6500 mm
turning height 3000 mm
control Siemens 840D-sl
workpiece weight max. 50 t
main drive 2 x 70 kW
faceplate turning speed range 0-25 + 0-100 U/min
transmission ratio 2
cross rail adjustment - vertical 1500 mm
distance between table and cross rail max. 3200 mm
adjustment speed 500 mm/min
ram head - cross travel 6500 mm
ram head dimension 300 x 300 mm
total power requirement kW
weight of the machine ca. 180 t
dimensions of the machine ca. 9,45 x 9,2 x 8,0 m

The picture shows a photo of a FKD 30 machine

Machine frame (2 column, crossrail)
Crossrail (adjustable in increments of 130 mm)
1 x rotary and milling ram / support: (300 x 300 mm)
1 x machine table with face plate Ø 4500 mm, 6 jaws, mechanically adjustable

Compact enclosure with air conditioning
CNC control system (Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl)
PLC (Siemens SIMATIC S7-300)
2 main motors (Siemens Power: 2 x 70 kW)
Drive motors (Siemens, electrically clamped)
All cabling (LAPP)
Heidenhain encoder 5000 I / U (for face plate)
Heidenhain linear measuring systems

Operating Instructions SINUMERIK 840D sl-on CD
Machine Instruction Manual on CD
Electrical diagrams in PDF format
PLC software to disk
Packaging (machine parts are stacked on wooden pallets

Technical description:
Machine table:
The machine table is a compact, torsionally rigid
Made with welded construction and PSL - rolling bearings and integrated
Constructed shaft. The bearing is, and by a circulating oil lubrication
lubricated or stabilized a hydrostatics.

The face plate is a steel structure with a diameter of
4500mm. Clamping surface with T-slots to accommodate 6 jaws

Main drive:
2 SIEMENS spindle motors drive the faceplate via 2 Stöber manual transmission
and angle gear on. Power is transmitted via the drive pinion
sloping ground teeth to a high efficiency of the transmission and
a quiet, noiseless operation.

C-axis operation: (optional)
The operation as the C-axis is done by the controller, in which the two
Main drive motors are electrically clamped. The holding force of this
Bracing is infinitely variable. About a direct measuring system (Heidenhain
Encoder) with a measurement resolution of 5000 pulses / revolution is a
precise control of the axis guaranteed.

Right and left column:
The two columns are made of welded construction with sand
filled in order to increase the stability of the machine. They are then
attached via flanges to the foundation. To the transom about the vertical
Lead stand, are in the front and lateral part of guideways

The Traverse is a welded frame that the flanges to
twouprights is fixed. It is used for stabilization of both columns.

The carrier is designed as a welded construction. On it sits the
drive for the cross rail adjustment.
Using asynchronous motor through the worm gear 2 trapezoidal spindles
driven. About this drive cross bar can be adjusted vertically.

Cross rail:
The cross rail is a welded construction with increased stiffness,
which motor adjustable in height (see carrier). He is a
Apparatus for checking the wear of adjusting nut and a
additional safety nut provided. The position of the cross rail beam
measured with a length measuring system from HEIDENHAIN and may every 130 mm
are fixed on the grid bars. The movable spindle nut and the
Guide surfaces are lubricated with central lubrication and clamping
of the transverse beam by means of disc springs, which are hydraulically
can. About SCHNEEBERGER - guide rails and a rack, a
Support horizontal slide out over the bar.
On the upper part of the transom is a channel for cable carriers,
manufactured by Fa.KABELSCHLEPP and the guideways on the cross bars are
covered by Bellows. On the right side of the cross beam
a tool changer may be mounted, and on the left hand side of
Pick-up station.

Swarf conveyor: (optional)
The chip conveyors are hinged belt conveyor which to transport
Particle or small parts are used. The chip conveyors are suitable
for short to medium length chips and chip-ball, as well as for wet and
Dry machining.
Rotary support:
The rotary support consists of a support carriage, a pestle and
a plunger housing. The support carriage is a master-slave drive
(2 motors, electronic braced) horizontally out to the crossmember and
forms the X-axis. The ram is provided with a servo motor vertically above a
Ball screw (Ø 80mm) and a play-free spindle nut in the plunger housing
performed and forms the Z-axis. A balancing cylinders, allowing
move easier and is used for fall protection.

The tool heads are automatically loaded from the pick-up station,
Drilling and milling tools are automatically from the tool changer
Change program in the spindle and the turning tools by hand in
to tighten the tool heads. We also offer optional hydraulic
Tool heads on, which automatically changes the turning tools
is made possible.

. Coolant system including belt filter: (optional)
The coolant system has a tank capacity of 3000 liters and the subsequent
verbauteBandfilteranlage used for cleaning of cooling lubricants. the
entire system consists of:
band filter
Separately magnetic tube
waste container
container cover
wrap cover
float cover
level indicator
High pressure electric pump
filtration fabric
Electrical switchgear

Electrical equipment:
Compact enclosure with base (4200 x 2200 x 600 mm)
Power supply 3 x 400 V (50 Hz), TN system, not a TN system is present,
be preceded mussein transformer (not included)
Control voltage 24 VDC
Total consumption can be calculated before the exact specification
conditioned cabinets (built by Siemens)
Siemens Switchgear
Power supply: SITOP POWER 40A and 20A
Siemens Safety relay for emergency stop
Siemens CNC SINUMERIK 840D sl-
Siemens SINAMICS drive system
various Elektroschaltgeräte

Electrical installation on the machine:
Siemens 1PH7 main spindle motors for face plate and spindle
Siemens AC servo motors 1FT6 for feed drives
Siemens AC servo motors 1FK7 for tool changer
Heidenhain encoder - resolution 5000 B / R
Heidenhain linear measuring systems
Siemens tested signal and power cables
all wiring with cable quality of the company. Lappkabel
terminal boxes
control console

Configuration of the SINUMERIK 840D sl-:
Operator panel front OP 15 (15 "TFT - color display)
CNC - Full QWERTY keyboard - Version
Machine control panel with 2 pieces override switches
NCU 720.2 with integrated PLC - CPU 317-2DP, 3Mb memory (optional
max. 15 MB), Ethernet interface for factory network
software required - Options: Master - Slave for drives
Tool management, standard and measuring cycles (turning, milling)
5 - axis interpolation
MCIS - host for remote maintenance (access via a company network required)
Mini handheld unit with 10 m cable
Centralized and distributed input / output peripherals SIMATIC S7-300
Drive system SINAMIC

The following machine options separately at extra cost
be ordered:
1 x pick-up station (holder for turning tools):
Automatic pick-up station for 5 Tool Holder
Price for a pick-up station (5-fold) € 31,300, -

1 x Faceplate drive as C axis for milling:
Drive power 2 x 70 kW
C-axis milling for bracing torque steplessly
additional ZF gearbox for tilling i = 5,5
Gear stage 1 - Milling 0-19 rpm, 190000 Nm
Gear stage 2 - Turning 0-100 rpm, 38000 Nm
Heidenhain encoder 5000 pulses / revolution
Price for a C-axis including milling spindle € 198,000. -

1 x Machine Complete enclosure:
The machine is available with a stationary enclosed working area
equipped, the penetration of the products from the processing
prevented. - That is, Departure of the chips and spraying the coolant
outside of the section covering this workspace.
The front wall of the casing is equipped with an automatic sliding gate
provided that will enable the exchange of the workpiece.
The door is glazed to the maximum extent with security polycarbonate glass,
so that the operator is happening in the working space of the machine without
can be observed.
The panel is provided with a service door in the rear and side room,
allow the operator to perform a service access.
Price for a machine housing € 150.000, -

1 x cooling unit with belt filter system:
Coolant tank with 2-chamber system 3000 l
GRUNDFOS coolant pump (continuously variable) to 25 bar
Band filter system incl. Control
Price for a coolant system € 28,300, -

Swarf conveyor:
A conveyor with integrated overload protection
Track Width 600mm
Ejection height (above ground) 1200 mm
Coolant return pump with level control and check valve
Price for 3 pieces of swarf conveyors € 36,000 -

1 x workpiece measurement (Heidenhain):
1 x TS640, triggering 3-D touch probe with infrared transmission
2 x SE640, transmit / receive unit for TS640
1 x APE642, Electronics for connection of 2 x SE640 S / D units
1 x 20m cable (between APE642 and CNC)
2 x 3m connection cable (between SE640 and APE642)
2 x mounting bracket for mounting a SE640
Price for a workpiece measurement system € 14,200, -

1 x Tool measurement (Heidenhain):
1 x TT140, touching antastend working probe
1 x 20m cable (between TT140 and CNC)
1 x sliding container for extending a touch probe TT140
Price for a tool measurement system € 8850, -

1 x tool changer with 60-fold magazine:
(Mounting next to the machine):
Tool holder 40 x ISO 50 - 20 x CAPTO C8
Number of tools 40/20
Total weight of the magazine (without tools) approx 1500 kg
Total weight of all tools max. 750 kg
Chain pitch 130 mm
Tool diameter with occupied adjacent location 125 mm
Tool diameter with free Nebenplatz 250 mm
Gripper-arm spacing 700 mm
SIEMENS Servo motors for chain and hook-drive
Absolute value encoder ENDAT for chain and hook-arm
Safety barrier with safety door
Price for a tool changer € 94,000 -

1 x angle drilling and milling head for machining side:
Power (S1) 40 kW
max. Torque (S1) and 1000 Nm
Speed range 0 - 3000 rpm / min
internal coolant supply (continuously variable) 0 - 50 bar
Tool taper ISO 50
Translation 1: 1
Price for an angle drilling and milling head € 32,000 -

.-Mouth box incl jaws:

hard jaws soft jaws

Price for a claw box
incl. hard jaws € 1450 -
Price for a soft jaws € 190, -

Tool heads:
Universal boring bar
(Length 375 mm):
Price / Unit: € 3,950 -
Universal Tool Holder:
Price / Unit: € 3780, -
Universal Tool Holder:
Price / Unit: € 3690, -
Universal Tool Holder:
Price / Unit: € 3690, -
Tool holders:
(Capto C8 right u. Left)
Price / Unit: € 7390, - (mechanical)
€ 19,400, - (hydraulic)
Tool holders:
(Capto C8 right)
Price / Unit: € 5690, - (mechanical)
€ 12,300, - (hydraulic)
Tool holders:
(Capto C8 left)
Price / Unit: € 5690, - (mechanical)
€ 12,300, - (hydraulic)
Tool holders:
(Capto C8)
Price / Unit: € 6700, - (mechanical)
€ 13,750, - (hydraulic)
Tool holders:
(Capto C8 right)
Price / Unit: € 5,700 - (mechanical)
€ 12,900 - (hydraulic)
Tool holders:
(Capto C8 left)
Price / Unit: € 5,700 - (mechanical)
€ 12,900 - (hydraulic)

Documentation (consisting of):
"User's Guide
"Programming Guide
"Maintenance and Service Guide
"Accessories documentation
"Spare parts catalog
"Wiring diagrams
"Mechanical plans for the service
"Hydraulic Schematics
"Pneumatic schematics
"Coolant system
"Error list incl. Error Description
"PLC documentation
Standard accessories:
"Adjustable wedge shoes
"Foundation bolts
"Key for clamping jaws
"Keys for tool holder
"A grease gun
Machine data:
Machine length 9,450 mm
Width of the machine ca. 9,200 mm
Machine height 8000 mm
Color of the machine RAL 7035 RAL 5010 +
Weight of the machine ca. 180 tons

Acceptance of the machine:
"Setting the machine geometry
"Setting the positioning
"Machine function
"Extent of supply
"Processing Test
"Performance Test

"Operator and Programming training 5 days
"Service staff 2 days

"The installation of the machine is done on a foundation
"The structural engineering design, preparation and review of this foundation
not part of the contractual scope of this seller.
He only makes information on foundation top and to the outer dimensions and
to the required pits and ducts, but not to the outer
Dimensions of the foundation block (length, width, depth).
It recommends that these structural details of a specialist company and
Account of local soil conditions and our information (weight,
Loads, cutting forces to leave similar) determine.
The planning and proper execution of the foundation are exclusively
the responsibility of the buyer.

in 1-shift operation 24 months
in 2 shifts 12 months

Excluded from this warranty does not cover damage by corrosion
External influence or improper operation caused.
Validity of offer:
90 days from the date of the offer

Delivery Time:
The machine is completed to 50%.
Rest of machine: 90 working days
Subject to prior sale

Delivery costs: after expenditure of forwarding

Installation costs (standard machine): € 155,000 -

Payment: by appointment

To be provided by the buyer:
"All construction requirements for machine mounting
"Suitable, adequate and dry storage area for the machine parts
"All the necessary handling and lifting equipment for the assembly of the
"Production of energy supply to the entry points of the machine
"All necessary oils, lubricants and additives


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FKD: Torno vertical - Soporte doble Torno vertical - Soporte doble FKD 50 CNC