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Find a cold circular saw and much more at LagerMaschinen

A cold circular saw is an extremely functional machine for those in the industrial metalworking sector. There are a number of advantages to cold sawing. The machine operates by transferring heat away from both the blade and the material being cut - which means no excess heat is produced during the cutting process - eliminating cooling time and increasing productivity. Also the absence of heat when using a cold circular saw means a decrease in rust and staining of cut materials.

A cold circular saw is a multifunctional tool for your business

Cold circular saws are usually differentiated by the type of blade they employ. The most common are HSS (high speed steel) or TCT (tungsten carbide tipped) which are used respectively for cutting different types of metals. A cold circular saw is a crucial piece of equipment for business owners who require a very high rate of production and output. A cold circular saw offers the best cost per cut ratio when compared with other methods such as hot or abrasive sawing.

Save time and money shopping for used machines at LagerMaschinen

Buying used machinery is a business savvy solution. Staying on the cutting edge of technology is both expensive and time consuming. You don’t' have to sacrifice quality when it comes to buying used machines such as a cold circular saw. Find everything you need for your business at LagerMaschinen which offers a wide range of machines to suit any budget or specification. Find your next circular cold saw based on price or location all from the comfort of your home or office.

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